Frequently Asked Questions

What is COBRA-Defense?

The COBRA-Defense system uses an actual 10-Week Police Academy format to help students learn self-defense fast.

Our law enforcement skill sets are the same that are taught in the Police Academy so you know that they are tried and true in the streets against real criminals.

This is not martial arts and there is no program like COBRA for civilians. It is truly one-of-a-kind.


Why take a COBRA-Defense class?

The two descriptions our students post the most in Google and Facebook reviews are, “Life Changing” and “Eye Opening.”

Imagine that, for the first time, you are given a special set of glasses that reveal the potential of danger around you, but you were blind to?

That is how our students describe COBRA-Defense. The experience exceeds any expectation they had.

Will you come out to my group for free?

Yes. We do this all of the time. It’s called a Power Demo and we can customize it for your group to give everyone a clearer idea of what COBRA-Defense offers.

This is a real class and demonstration that provides tremendous value. It’s not a selling presentation. You could think of it as COBRA-Light.

This is great for Ladies Night Out, Meetups, Boy/Girl Scouts, Bounce Houses, Libraries and any place where people gather.

Is COBRA a martial art like COBRA Kai?

COBRA-Defense is not a martial art. The martial arts tend to approach training with a holistic goal of teaching a complex system that includes: 1. Traditional techniques

2. Kata/forms (dance-ish and highly imaginary fight against multiple opponents)

3. Sport skills

4. Asian history

5. Asian rituals

6. Asian language (at least counting 1 to 10)

7. Life skill lessons like respect, courtesy, and integrity.

While that can be valuable training, it leaves little time to focus on realistic self-defense.

COBRA-Defense is 100% realistic self-defense. There is no bowing, belts, or ritual. Just learning.

How long does it take to learn self-defense?

That depends on where you train. If you enroll in a martial arts school, it could literally take you years to get proficient at self-defense.

That’s because martial arts schools pile on lots of requirements, sport skills, techniques, and forms that are not self-defense oriented.

In contrast, COBRA only teaches self-defense, so one hour of COBRA or a ten-week academy can be like learning years of martial arts based self-defense.

Do I need to be in good shape or have any experience?

COBRA-Defense only requires that you have a desire to learn and can work safely in a group environment. Other than that, you do not have to be fit or have any previous experience.

What is the cost of COBRA?

Imagine a bad guy has a gun to you or your child’s head. What would you pay for him to go away? That is the value of COBRA.

What could you do to make the bad guy go away? That is the payoff of COBRA.

Depending on the class you’re interested in, our programs average $20 – $50 per group class. Our academies are typically $299 – $399 for 20 hours over 10 weeks.

Private lessons are multiples of that and special group programs, like our Real Estate Safety Class, average $500 – $1,500 per hour depending on the arrangements.

Why not just carry a gun?

The danger of using a gun is that there is now a gun in the fight. It’s not your gun. It’s just the gun.

One serious danger police officers face is a bad guy taking the officer’s gun and using it against him/her. 

Imagine your skill level five years after getting your CCW license if you are attacked and wrestling around with the bad guy.

You’re under immense, life or death stress and you’re going to get your gun out, charge it, aim it and fire accurately before he takes it away? Good luck with that.



I want to enroll my children but I carry a gun, so I don’t need COBRA.

People actually say this to us more than you can imagine. See the question above.

Some martial arts schools offer a free self-defense class. Why pay for COBRA if I can get it free?

If you were going to jump out of an airplane, would you want the free parachute or the top of the line parachute?

While we would never discourage you from learning, regardless of price, there is a big difference to consider.

As certified COBRA-Defense instructors, we are professionals. This is what we do and have done since 2003.

We have continually refined the programs in both content and delivery to make learning easy and applicable for our students.

How do I assess a self-defense program?

The average person spends very little time in their life reviewing self-defense and/or martial arts programs. So, it’s easy to buy into a program that looks cool and flashy simply because you don’t know what you don’t know.

Here are three red flags that a program may be more fantasy than fact.

1. They do rehearsed self-defense demos. For instance, they’ll have a woman being attacked and as she kicks and punches the attackers they drop like flies all around her.

COBRA-Defense never does rehearsed demos. We will pull someone from the audience who we may have never met to help illustrate the reality of the point we’re trying to make.

2. They demonstrate a child kicking and punching an adult male until he drops, defeated. This will never happen.

Kids can fight their way out of the grasp of an adult, but an adrenalized adult trying to abduct a child is not going to be stopped by a kid’s kicks and punches.

3. The attacker holds his or her punch out and stands still while the defense is being executed.

In the martial arts, this is called “One Step Sparring” and it is often passed off as self-defense. It is not.


How is COBRA different than krav maga?

COBRA-Defense and Krav Maga are viewed by many as the top of the list, which is why this question comes up so often.

Either one can serve you well provided the instructors are highly trained and qualified, but there are some differences.

It’s helpful to understand that the words, “krav maga” translates to “contact combat” in Hebrew. So, any contact combat system can be described as Krav Maga.

Generally speaking, Krav Maga evolved from the 1950s as a system developed for the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF).

COBRA-Defense was created in 2002 by Chris Sutton. Chris was a martial arts school owner by night and a police officer during the day.

He literally created the system in his squad car between calls and tested the material that night in class.

There are distinctions between COBRA and Krav but for the average person, it boils down to this.

Police officers physically engage bad guys on a daily basis. This means what works and what doesn’t work gets filtered through in real time.

In contrast, a military soldier may never have a physical engagement, so the majority of what is learned is in the classroom, not the field of battle or the streets.

If you have a choice between the two, good for you. We suggest COBRA. Surprise!

Check them both out carefully. If you have access to one or the other go for it.


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