Active Shooter Response Plan

What’s Your Plan?

Having an established and practiced active shooter plan can greatly increase your odds of survival.

Our Active Shooter Response Plan gives you the best chance in a dangerous situation.


Priority one is to escape from the Active Shooter. But, what if you have a child with you? How do you determine the best time and method to escape?

You’ll find out in this eye-opening Active Shooter workshop.



1. How to evaluate a hiding place.

2. What to when hiding from the Active Shooter.

3. The safest way to leave the hiding place.


We’ll teach you how and when to attack the Active Shooter for maximum safety. You’ll learn 4 smart ways to ENGAGE.

How Active Shooter Situations Begin


This is when you are in the same room where the attack commences. Decision making has to be instant. Our training prepares you to be decisive and act fast.


This is when you hear or see something that may or may not be an active shooter. Your decisions here are critical because you may not know where the shooter is and where he is going.

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How Active Shooter Situations End

active shooter

Unarmed citizens ended a significant number (13%) of active shooter events.  Armed citizens and off duty cops ended far fewer (4%).

Shooters often choose locations where guns are prohibited.

The COBRA-DEFENSE Active Shooter program teaches specific strategies that reduce the danger when physically attacking the shooter

Where Do Active Shooter Situations Happen?

school safety

K - 12 Schools

workplace safety

Public Venue

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Medical Facilities

government safety


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Higher Education

church safety

Houses of Worship

What We Teach

Is It Run, Hide, Fight?

It seems simple enough. Run, Hide, Fight. The truth is that these three words are more of a government sound bite than a usable plan of action.

Of course, you will run, but there are specific ways to run that can save your life. We’ll show you tactical ways to run and escape.

Of course, you will be looking for places to hide and we’ll show you what to look for in a hiding spot and when to leave it. You’ll learn strategic methods to hide and evade.

Fighting is foreign to most people. We’ll show you how and when to attack the Active Shooter for maximum safety. You’ll learn the smart way to engage.

You’ll even learn the correct way to play dead.

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This is NOT A POWERPOINT Seminar!

Who We Teach

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Corporate Active Shooter Training

Many states require training against workplace violence so companies are using our training to help mitigate the threat and liability of an active shooter attack.

Active Shooter Training for Students

We train students from elementary school to universities on how to survive the critical window.

Active Shooter Training for Teachers

As the leader of any classroom, teachers have to know the active shooter plan in order to help themselves and their students.

Active Shooter Training for Organizations

From church groups to cruise ships, organizations take this training for safety and team building.
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