Adult Self-Defense Academy

Why COBRA Self-Defense Works
Skills learned in the COBRA™ self-defense for adults program are for real-life situations. This is not a sport or a point match.

In real life, you do not get to pick your bad guy. You will never get this luxury.

We train our adult students with this in mind. This is why COBRA™ was developed to be extremely effective in real life.

In your 10 Week COBRA Self-Defense Academy, you will develop the ultimate mindset for real self-defense and the skills you need to defend against any situation.

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Who Can Benefit?
Because anyone can be targeted by an attacker, everyone deserves the ability to improve their defenses.

Prior experience isn’t necessary to learn real-life self-defense.

A lot of people will not take a self-defense course because they think it’s too hard or they don’t have enough experience. COBRA™ was created with that in mind. That’s why we make it easy and exciting to learn.

    What Are the Self-Defense Academy Formats?

    We offer various programs. We are also open to customization for your needs. 

    10 Week Academy

    Two 1 Hour Nights a Week

    Basic, Intermediate & Advanced

    • Striking
    • Escapes
    • Edged Weapons
    • Firearm Defense
    • Real Life Scenarios
    • Combat Conditioning

    1 Day Survival Camp

    One 6-hour Day

    Basic & Intermediate

    • Striking
    • Escapes
    • Edge Weapons
    • Firearm Defense
    • Real Life Scenarios
    • Combat Conditioning

    Kids Academy

    One 5-hour Day

    • “Circle Of Security” Instruction
    • Kidnapping Defense
    • SAE IT Drills (Scream Attack Escape)
    • Bully & Confidence Scenarios
    • Simulated 911 Calls
    • Written Exams

    How Do I Get Started Learning Adult Self-Defense?


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    “WHAT AN AMAZING, LIFE ALTERING CLASS!!!! We took the COBRA Self-Defense Academy due to my being mugged 6 months ago. I never thought I would feel so empowered as I do now. This class gave us the basis for protecting ourselves and our loved ones!! Kathy S.

    Clearwater, FL

    “Thank you, Chris, COBRA instructors and everyone, including some amazing classmates, for a wonderful, LIFE ALTERING EXPERIENCE!!! It made me feel empowered and a lot more confident as a single female. I will be taking this class again and again!! Go C.O.B.R.A.!!!” Natalie, T.

    Largo, FL

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