Children’s Abduction Prevention (CAP)

Safety, Self-Defense, and
Anti-Abduction Training for Children

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The Truth About Self-Defense for Kids

Parents, here are several facts that we do not like to admit are true but we cannot deny:

1. Most attackers will not be hurt by simple kicks or punches from children.

2. Children are soft targets and easy prey.

3. Self-defense courses are not required during general or higher education/schooling. (However, Art & Home Economics are.)

4. Cell phones are useless in saving a child. 99% of victims cannot retrieve and/or complete a call during a dangerous situation.

This is why our children’s program is 90% mental strategies to recognize, avoid, and deal with potentially dangerous situations.

By using role play and scenario repetition, we install a strong sense of self-awareness, assertiveness, and self-confidence that empowers children to stand up for themselves or exit a situation without hesitation.

It’s Not About Kicking and Punching

Our children’s self-defense program comes from many years of study and training — along with a dose or two of common sense — to create the ultimate in child safety. During the one-day 5-hour self-defense for kids training mini-academy, children learn about:

  • Preventing Vehicle Abduction
  • Home Invasion
  • Anti-Abduction Skills
  • Communication Drills
  • SAE IT Drills (Scream Attack Escape)
  • “Circle Of Security” Instruction
  • Simulated 911 Calls
  • Kidnapping Defense
  • Advanced Child Special Striking
  • Bully & Confidence Scenarios
  • Apply Their Skill Against Bad Guys (Scenarios)


self-defense frisco
A Sample of the Kids Anti-Abduction Skills We Teach
Window Anchor
Tactical Run Escape
Door Wedge
“I took my son in for self-defense​ a little over two years now and I couldn’t be happier with the results.” Alison Hernandez

“Wow. My kids learned so much. So did I. This was a real eye-opener.” Jessica Bowen

How Do I Get My Child Started Learning Self-Defense?


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