Self-Defense Training for Security Professionals

Self-Defense for Law Enforcement, Government & Security Agencies
Security professionals are on the front line of defense every day they are on the job. Self-defense training for these brave individuals starts with non-violent assertiveness and compliance training.

However, when a situation escalates, the ability to calibrate your response to the attack is critical, not just for safety, but to reduce the potential liabilities that can arise.

COBRA-Defense was developed to get to the core of how to win in just about any and all situations.

We offer intense, structured training to groups and individuals in the public safety, law enforcement, parole, corrections, security and bodyguard fields.


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Seminar Content
You can schedule training on a specific topic based on you or your group’s needs. See below for services offered.

Here are some of the topics that will be covered.

  • Live Contact Training: Mini Scenarios
  • Advanced Striking
  • Combat Conditioning (Threshold drills)
  • Edge Weapons, Firearms
  • Scenario Escape Drills
  • Offensive Deadly Force
Workshop Structure
Our training is cutting edge and intense. It will give you, the officer, a greater sense of security, not only to be more effective in your job but to win — no matter what.

Often the state-mandated training that many receive from a book or in an academy, while well-intended, just isn’t enough.

Conditioning and controlling your tactical skills and emotions are a pre-requisite to winning a confrontation.


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    “C.O.B.R.A.™ was actually better than the training I received in the police academy.”

    Meg C Law Enforcement Officer Meg C

    Clearwater Beach, FL

    “The COBRA experience was very similar to what I taught as a combative Instructor for the United States Army. The COBRA course teaches a suite of skills that can be used in any type of life-threatening situation. Personally, I had my two daughters and two boys take the course.”

    Sean Mitchner, Former Army Ranger, West Point Grad

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