Stop Any Bully Without Violence

A Proven System That Gives
Parents Control Over Bullying

Bullying is just like a fire in your home. If you do not deal with it quickly, it grows and consumes your family.

Bullying is not going away so our anti-bully program shows families how to recognize, avoid, and deal with bullies at school, work, and online. In this program, you will learn a “real-world” approach to dealing with bullies.

This program will not “Bully-Proof” your child. NO ONE is bully-proof. Anyone can be bullied. We will make your child bully-resistant.

bully plan

Give Your Family a Plan

We give your family a common language and understanding about bullying. This way, the family knows exactly what to do and when to do it.

You’ll discover how to create evidence logs, chain of custody, and how to keep your children out of shark-infested waters.

We Shift Control To the Parents

More often than not, parents feel powerless to help their child deal with bullies. Mom says, “Ignore him.” Dad says, “Hit him with a stick.” No wonder kids are confused about bullying.

Parents simply don’t have the experience or resources to help. This program gives you that resource. We show parents how to take control of a bullying situation.

self-defense for children
self-defense training

A Step-By-Step, Easy To Follow Program

We provide you with letter templates, scripts, and strategies so you never have to face the bully’s parents or school authorities. We show you what to do and how to do.

“We’ve had a bully plan since the day we learned about this program. It has made a huge difference. Our children are not as stressed about bullying because they know we have their back and what to do. This plan is a must for any parent with school-age children.Janet Jones

“My son was being harassed and called the N-word at his school. Even the bullies dad called him that in the parking lot after-school. I got this program with the child was expelled within two-weeks. Thank you!” Jessie Bowen

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